Luxury Spas

Using the curative might of the sea, Tunisia is justifiably proud of its aged wellness tradition, dating back thousands of years. 

With its 800 miles of coastline, Tunisia has become the world’s second thalassotherapy destination (after France) with hundreds of spas dedicated to therapies using seaweed, marine minerals, sand, mud, sea water, sea salts and nutrient-rich algae.

Derived from the Greek word for “sea” (thalassa), Thalassotherapy fuses sumptuous touch therapies with mineral-rich baths, showers and aqua-jets to help restore a weary body to a relaxed, blissed out state of calm and serenity.

The powerful detoxifying synergies of mineral salts, nutrient-laden mud and marine extracts, combined with the continuous flow of hot or cold sea-water, brings a soothing, hydrating, deep-cleanse for the body.

Sousse, Hammamet, Gammarth, Jerba and Zarzis are Tunisia’s main pampering hubs, combining both traditional Arabic and French influenced treatments using heated seawater and 100 hot-spring sources drawn for therapeutic bathing since Roman and Punic times.